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When the excellence of the ingredients meets the ice cream master's experience.

The Story

The story of Erika Eis. Erika Eis is the result of the contact between two family traditions. The first is “Erika”, arised in the northern region of Italy called Alto Adige, especially devoted to the production of icecream and traditional pastry. The other is “Gelati Bertolini”, a renowned ice-cream parlour in the Garda Lake area. Experience and tradition have been inspiring our business philosophy for more than 80 years, wich is still nowadays the basis of our recipes: Love for authenticity.

New ideas have been contributing to our development, to be able to tell you our story as honestly as possible. Our strength lays in the common effort to develop day by day and in the ability to hand down to future generations the desire of growing, evolving and adding value to our firm.

From the contact between the tradition of two families, Erika as a trademark inherits the ability of ice-cream and pastry production, according to the traditional recipes. Today the tradition is guarded by the dynamic reality of a firm in which the art of handcraft and modern technologies collaborate to guarantee everyday the same result as ever: naturalness and quality.

A natural and unforgettable taste is the result of a careful selection of the ingredients: high-quality fresh milk and fruit selected according to severe quality parameters. The best products come from a clean and natural working environment and from its respect. These products reach the consumer through a process of essential steps, such as raw materials test, production quality controls and the strict observance of sanitary regulations, according to the ISO9001.

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Erika Eis
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"The Erika brand inherits the story of those who can make ice cream and pastry according to traditional recipes."

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